Low Wood - le touquet (fr)

Low wood

The home of P.G.Wodehouse in Le Touquet (Fr)

Low Wood in Le Touquet
Ethel and 'Plum' Wodehouse on their terrace of Low Wood in 1938

Low Wood in Le Touquet
Ethel and 'Plum' Wodehouse receiving RAF pilots on their terrace of Low Wood in May 1940

WWII is approaching Le Touquet

May 25, 1940  Plum and Ethel try to escape occupied Le Touquet

Low Wood in Le Touquet

designed in 1930 by the French architect Pierre Drobecq (1893-1944)

Low Wood in Le Touquet

present day villa in 2023

P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) was an English author, who wrote almost 100 novels. His main characters are Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves, Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge, Rupert Eustace Psmith, Lord Emsworth and The Empress, his pig at Blandings Castle, Galahad Threepwood and many others.

Wodehouse was born in England and lived in England, Unites States and France.

During the periode 1934-1940 he lived in Le Touquet in the northern of France, with his wife Ethel.

Wodehouse was a golf enthusiast and wrote many stories about golf as a metaphor for real life. His villa near the golf course in Le Touquet gave him the opportunity to often visit the golf course and find inspiration for his stories and books.

The Clicking of Cuthbert (1922)
The Heart of a Goof (1926)
Wodehouse on Golf (1940)
Golf is geluk (2013)

About us

The Drones Club of Belgium and the P.G. Wodehouse Society are literary societies are based in Belgium and The Netherlands. They are dedicated to the life and times of the author P.G. Wodehouse.
We want to pay tribute to this great writer who delighted us with his stories. With his hundred books and many hundreds of stories he has brought joy and happiness to the world.


Plaque at Villa Low Wood in Le Touquet

In the weekend 7-8 September 2024 both Wodehouse Societies will present a plaque to the present owner of the Villa Low Wood, to commemorate the stay of P.G. Wodehouse in this villa between 1934-1940.

Programme: link